Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greetings.  Been awhile.  Sorry I suck at blogging regularly.  Lets all hope I improve in this regard and move on.

So 6ed has been out for awhile and I've been stewing on a number of hot topics.  I'd eventually like to talk about the state of tournament 40k and all the hubbub regarding mission formats, the meta etc.  First though I think its worth talking a bit about 40k's new catch phrase:   Forging a Narrative

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blowing the proverbial dust off of things

Whelp its been over a year since I last posted here.  Lets see if I can't do a bit of sprucing and get this started up again.  I can't promise regular posts but I am more and more interested in blogging about my trials and tribulations as a 40k gamer and tournament organizer -- so hopefully that translates to more content to my meager readership.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Battle report: Tyranids at 1500 point tournament -- Game 2

So after winning the previous game I find myself on the top tables facing a Dark Eldar army.  This is the first game I have had against Dark Eldar.  My non-tournament games are against a small group of friends who either don't play DE or have yet to get them table ready.  In tournaments I've dodged them till now.  However I've been reading the codex and various forums and blogs and have my own plans for a DE army, so while not experienced I am at least well informed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle report: Tyranids at 1500 point tournament -- Game 1

A new type of post for the blog today -- Battle Reports!  Something other then SpoCon musings  Enjoy!

This weekend I took my Tyranids to a 1500 point tournament at the Gamer's Haven in Post Falls, ID.  It was just a one day thing but was quite fun.  No overall award at this one, just Best General (Battle points), Best Sportsmanship (Fav opponnent and Thumbs ups) and player votes for Favorite Model and Army.  The missions were direct ports of the 2010 Adepticon Youngblood ones.

Monday, June 20, 2011

SpoCon: 1750 points. Just right?

So I am back after a long hiatus.  Shouldn't have any more long breaks between posts, at least until after SpoCon.

So is SpoCon really 1750 points?  Yes it is.  I get asked this a lot and have read or heard comments along these lines:  "1750?  What an odd point level."  I kind of agree, in that its a point level we don't see around here.  Usually tournaments or pick-up games run 1500 or 2000; the later being the most standard point level here and seemingly everywhere in the US.  However 1750 really isn't all that odd.  Here's a couple of fun facts:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SpoCon 40k Event

Below is the general announcement I am sending out to the internets.  If you have found your way here you have probably already read it, but just in case here it is.

My name is Dan Winters; my usual internet handle is 'winterman'.  I have been asked to organize the 40k tournament this year at SpoCon.  I was the TO for their 1st 40k event back in 2008 and look forward to organizing another successful 40k event for SpoCon's 4th year.
This year SpoCon's 40k event is being redesigned from the ground up to match the current trends in competitive game play.  Game play will be similar to that found at this year’s Adepticon championship and points scoring and awards are similar to the NoVa Open last year.
Some basic info:
--SpoCon is a full spectrum Sci-Fi Fantasy convention held annually in Spokane, Washington.
--This year the convention is being held at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel Spokane Center over the weekend of August 12th-14th.
--Registration for the convention is currently $30 (increased to $35 as the date approaches).  There is no additional fee to attend the 40k event.

For the event itself:
--1750 point armies.
--Main event tournament consists of four 2.25 hour games on Saturday August 13th.  This tournament will be a swiss style W/L/D style format with some extra points available.
--Missions inspired by Adepticon's Championships this year but refined and adjusted a bit (e.g. KP will be NoVa Style spread, VPs will be used in some games, etc)
--Best 8 by record/performance are invited to compete for the new 'Warmaster' award on Sunday. This tournament will be a seeded, bracketed single elimination tournament.
--Fully painted armies are required but the minimum requirements are not stringent.
--Unlike previous years and GTs of the past, the Overall Event Champion will be determined by an equal part game play, appearance and sportsmanship.  Those familiar with the NoVa Open format will recognize this as similar to the Renaissance man award.
--Although the main event takes place on the same day as the 'Ard Boyz qualifiers, several local shops will be holding their qualifier on Sunday.  For a truly epic weekend of 40k? Attend both events!
--You can find the full details in the rules packet pdf file.

Signing up for the tournament is easy.  Register and email me with the confirmation number at  Space is limited so register early!

Rumors of War will feature discussion on the tournament format so check back here for more info.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post them here; email me ( ) or comment on other blog posts.

Regards and I hope to see you all sign up!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SpoCon 2011 40k Event: Why am I the TO?


So I finally got the official announcement up regarding SpoCon's 40k event this year.  There's postings here and here.  The full rules packet is here.  Feel free to post up feedback or questions regarding the event in the comments section of SpoCon related posts or you can email me.  I'll make a more formal post on the tournament itself on the blog later but first.

So why am I organizing this event?