Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adepticon Championship: Dominated by Space Wolves and Guard?

So in case you guys didn't know I like looking at the results from big events and seeing how different codexes performed. Not sure why, the inner scientist in me perhaps.  Its seems like some folks feel that having IG and SW in the final at Adepticon just goes to show that they are the best Codexes. I'd like to see if the numbers bear that out -- or if 40k isn't just a tad more balanced then some think.

The analysis below is far from scientific. There's also 4 players that Adepticon still lists as 'undecided'. Been waiting for a promised update to the results but still nothing. I'll update this if we get that info but without it the percentages are obviously off on a couple of armies. Also of note -- the 
BoLS metagame analysis appears to be incorrect -- they have too many total armies listed (255 -- only 243 actual players showed up and one dropped mid way through).  But if the fact that there are numerous numbers being thrown about makes me wonder the validity of any analysis.  Lets trudge on though with what we've got and see if there's anything of interest.

Welcome to Newbieville -- err Rumors of War. Population me and you.

Welcome to Rumors of War -- my attempt at blogging about miniature wargaming.  Its been awhile since I first setup the blog.  I had intended to kick it off with posts regarding some of the tournaments I attended this Winter but I never followed through with it.  Procrastination, oh how I loathe thee!

Any event, as the picture here implies, this blog will be newbie-ville for awhile while I get comfortable writing in a blog style, as opposed to forums where I usually post my views.  Please bear with me (all one or two of you).