Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blowing the proverbial dust off of things

Whelp its been over a year since I last posted here.  Lets see if I can't do a bit of sprucing and get this started up again.  I can't promise regular posts but I am more and more interested in blogging about my trials and tribulations as a 40k gamer and tournament organizer -- so hopefully that translates to more content to my meager readership.

So the last year for me hobbywise in a nutshell? Apathy.  Goes without saying but I lost all motivation to post here.  I also lost a lot of interest in 40k in general by summers end.  SpoCon last year sucked much of my interest in 40k with little return.  I think the few folks who showed up had a good time but I think I took it too personal when the majority of locals choose the abominable 'Ard Boyz over a GT style event in their own hometown.  I shouldn't have taken it as hard as I did though, that is no ones fault but my own.  It was still a big let down for me and I think led to very little interest in the hobby overall.  If it wasn't for guys like MarsTallarn or FLGS' like the Gamer's Haven I'd have cashed in and moved on from the hobby long before 6ed came out.

That's cause my apathy wasn't just the subpar turnout at SpoCon.  Or the somewhat lame state of the game near the end of 5ed.  I have had a pretty rough year since my last post, starting with several incredibly difficult family crises in the Fall and ending (hopefully) with me being laid off at the end of May.  It's hard for me to hobby when there's that much stuff going down.  Thankfully I am now happily re-employed, the family issues are under manageable control and, most important to this blogs readership I am sure, -- my hobby interest is reinvigorated by the new edition.

So with that I hope to make more regular updates regarding my hobby progress, tournament comings and goings and musings regarding 40k and the related  internet community.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. I am super excited to see you back! In all things.